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May 19, 2013 9:00am PDT
, two os in a company name were a sign of success. just like at yahoo! and google. these days, he's dealing with lots of os, zeros that ul find on a balance sheet. thanks for being with us this morning, joined by john and ben, who i should make it a sign is wearing google glass, the first time reporter to wear google glass on this show. you'll talk about it, right? >> absolutely. >> back to the guest desk. the financials you've not talked about before on, to anyone, not reporters, much less three of them. you're willing to do that today. how is zoosk doing financially? >> very well. first quarter of this year, we had a record breaking quarter and our revenue was over $40 million. the company is just five years old, to achieve that and also very excited about the prospects moving forward. >> what does that do for you? as far as does that give you more power in marketplace? why show that? >> i think for us, it's a validation of our market what consumers are interested in by their wallets. >> i would think that would be one area you wouldn't want to get into. what are your thoughts?
May 12, 2013 9:00am PDT
for five week work. some of those don't match facebook or google employee perks. brad garlinghouse is a former yahoo executive. some say he's one of best people to work for in silicon valley. how does a smaller company compete beyond just salary? if you offer me a big enough salary i'llzkx say fine regard of benefits. how do you compete if you haven't got an in-house massage or day care or dry cleaner? >> i think that companies that want to hire the best people are focused on giving them the opportunity to have an impact. i think perks and benefits, i'm glad to see yahoo doing things, the one wes hire want to have a huge impact. i think you!.e get that at sma companies. >> because you're part of a smaller team and have a greater percentage. >> if you're going into and i'm not trying to be negative toward any particular large company. >> go ahead and call out people. >> if you're an engineer graduating from a top school you'll work on a small cog and 1 w widget as opposed to it's a three person start up your opportunity to have a direct impact is a lot higher. the people that we w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2